Clockfaces and apps for the Fitbit Versa & Ionic

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Frequently asked questions

On this page are some of the most commonly asked questions about the clockfaces and apps.

1. Purchasing a clockface/app

When installing a paid clockface/app instructions will be displayed on the screen of your Fitbit. Go to the web address shown on the screen (or to and enter the displayed code. Next you will be asked to choose the payment method. After completing the payment process the clockface will be automatically activated and you will get a receipt in your email. Save the email as it has a direct link to the clockface for easy reinstalling in case you change between different clockfaces. You don't have to pay again!

See for more information.

2. I'm reinstalling a clockface/app I already paid for - do I have to pay again?

No. You do not have to pay again.

You can unlock a previously paid clockface at Enter the code displayed on the Fitbit's screen and use the same email you used when buying it the first time.

Even if you go through the normal payment process the system will recognise your email address and unlock the clockface/app without the payment.

See for more information.

3. Why donations?

All of my Fitbit projects are done in the little free time I can spare from the day job and the family. I have made a lot of free clockfaces and if you like them you can buy me a cup of coffee by donating via PayPal at

I will also try to keep any paid content as cheap as possible while continuing the support for free content.

Please note that a straight donation via PayPal doesn't unlock a paid clockface/app - that needs to be done through the payment system as instructed on the Fitbit's screen when running the paid clockface/app.

4. My clockface is 'stuck' or not working..?

It seems that sometimes a third-party clockface can hang while attempting to start. Apparently something gets a bit stuck in the device firmware. This and most of the other weird issues you might encounter on your watch can usually be fixed by restarting the watch.

Restart procedure: hold the left and bottom right button until the Fitbit logo appears

5. My clockface is not showing the stats

Check that you have enabled the permissions to access the user data in the active clockface view. If the permissions are disabled you will only see zeros.

6. The settings are not working..?

They might appear not to be working but usually they do. At times the phone app is a bit lazy in delivering the messages to the watch but the settings get applied eventually.

You can try to speed it up by starting and app on your watch and then returning to the clockface. This usually wakes up the connection between the watch and the phone.

7. How about that Weather?

Weather is one of the most requested features on a clock face. All the developers would love to add it but unfortunately most of the best weather services don't share their data for free. I use the few free option for weather and for the most part it seems to work fine.

But weather is not working on my watch..?
The free clockfaces have a lot of users and this causes high traffic on the weather service causing it to get blocked at times. Only fix for this is to wait. Also - the clockfaces rely on the connection between the phone app and the watch to relay the weather data. Sometimes the phone (iOS/Android/Windows Phone) terminates the essential process preventing the app from getting the updated data. This is unfortunately impossible to control from the clockface.

You should check that you have enabled the permissions for the clockface to use the internet access as well as location.

8. Why so many permissions..?

The basic functionality requires permissions to access the statistics and user profile information. Many of my clockfaces are constantly a work in progress and therefore there might be a request to allow also the internet and location access. This is because sometimes I add more features later on.

If a clockface doesn't appear to need internet access you are free to disable the permission and the access isn't used anyway.

In any case the permission will not give the clockface access to any kind of identifiable information.

8. Who are you?

I am a private developer with extensive background in UI/UX design based in Finland. I have no ties to Fitbit.

About Supeerb

I am a UX/visual designer by day and a "hobbyist" developer by night. In my work I design user experiences for screens of all sizes but I especially enjoy bringing usable functionality to small screens.

I might be available for hire for some small UX/visual design projects. More info on that later!

Contact @supeerbcom on Twitter for more info.